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10 Skills of a Good Product Photographer

Product photography is a field that requires not only artistic talent, but also technical know-how. Let's take a look at them
Good product photographer

Table of contents

In today’s article, we will examine the skills that every product photographer should possess to succeed in this competitive industry. We have divided them into soft and hard skills to give a more complete picture of what is needed to achieve professionalism.

Hard Skills

1. knowledge of Photographic Equipment

A product photographer must know his tools. This means not only knowing how to use different types of cameras, but also understanding how different lenses affect the final image.

2 Lighting

Lighting is the key to creating a great product photo. The photographer must know how to manipulate light to highlight the best features of the product.

3. post-production

Photos often require additional processing. Knowledge of graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop is therefore essential.

4 Composition and Framing

A good product photographer knows how to arrange elements in a photo to attract attention and tell a story.

5 Macro Photography

Often products are small and full of details that need to be highlighted. The ability to take macro photos is therefore invaluable.

Soft Skills

1. creativity

Product photography is not just a technique; it is also an art. Creativity is key in creating unique, interesting photos.

2. communication with the customer

A product photographer must be able to understand what the client wants and then turn those expectations into reality.

3. patience and Focus

Product photography can be time-consuming, especially when you have to deal with detail. Patience and focus are key.

4 Problem Solving Capability

Not everything always goes according to plan. The ability to solve problems quickly is therefore essential.

5. ability to work in a Team

Often a product photographer will need to work with other people, such as stylists or assistants. The ability to work in a team is therefore important.

Additional Aspects


Every product photographer should have an extensive portfolio to show potential clients the range of his or her skills and work style.


Some product photographers specialize in specific types of products, such as jewelry or electronics. Specialization can be an added advantage.

Marketing and Networking

In today’s world, social media is a powerful tool for any product photographer. The ability to effectively market and network can significantly impact a career.


Product photographer is a profession that requires a wide range of skills, both hard and soft. From technical knowledge of equipment and lighting, to soft skills such