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+48 786 966 333 | [Email protected]
Packshots in Warsaw

in Warsaw's Mokotów


  • ul. Kierbedzia 4 lok. 215, 00-728 Warsaw

  • +48 786 966 333 - Mateusz, photography

  • +48 515 621 264 - Philip, retouch

  • Mon-Fri in 9 hours: 00 - 17: 00 24 / 7 - delivery and collection of productsThe products can be delivered to us at any time. Outside the office hours, you can also leave them at the reception at any time!

    You can pick up products the same way outside of our work hours, just confirm the pickup by phone.

Entrance to the marszalstudio
  • Tax ID: 5632364503
    Code: 061400999

  • we have a ramp for dimensions!We unpack the size of the products at the ramp and bring them behind you with the transport trolley.

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