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Lookbook in 2023: A guide for brand owners

A modern lookbook can revolutionize your brand, increase engagement and sales, and reduce production costs.
Lookbook - photos of clothing in 2023

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What is a Lookbook and how has it changed?

A lookbook is not just a product catalog, but also a marketing tool that has been used for years to showcase clothing collections, accessories and other products. In their traditional form, lookbooks were rich, multi-page catalogs, often with advanced graphics and styling. However, due to dynamic changes in the industry, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the lookbook formula has been transformed. Market research shows that 65% of fashion brands have decided to reduce the volume of their lookbooks in the past two years, and 40% of them have started publishing lookbooks digitally.

Uniting E-commerce and Lookbooks

It used to be that e-commerce photos and lookbooks were two different categories. Now, thanks to changes in the industry and the need to cut costs, these two forms are beginning to merge. As a result, brands are taking one type of photo that serves different purposes, which is more cost-effective. Statistics show that such a strategy can reduce production costs by 25% and increase ROI by 30%.

Lookbook for your brand

Photos with image model

Photos with the model‘s face in view are key to building excitement and narrative around your brand. They show how the garments “come to life” on a person, which increases customer engagement by 30% according to research. Not only that, but it affects the perception of quality and brand value, which can increase sales by an additional 15%.

Photos with model without image

Photos that focus only on clothing are equally important. They give customers the opportunity to focus on the details and functionality of the product, which is crucial for the 35% of online customers who want to see the product from different perspectives.

At marszal.studio you can order both types of apparel images for your online store, even from one piece, which is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that want to start small and scale up as needed.

Emotion and Realism

lookbook fotografia odziezy 11, Lookbook in 2023: A guide for brand owners

Showing the garment on a person not only illustrates what the product looks like in practice, but also brings emotion to your lookbook. Studies show that the emotional aspect can increase sales by 20%. That’s why big brands like Zara and H&M invest in photo shoots that are rich in emotion and narrative.

Simplicity and Versatility

lookbook fotografia odziezy 5, Lookbook in 2023: A guide for brand owners

More and more brands are moving away from complex shoots in favor of classic shots against a uniform background. It’s a trend that’s gaining popularity, including among premium brands. Studies show that 70% of customers prefer simpler and clearer product presentations.

Why marshal.studio?

At marszal.studio you will commission fashion photography and lookbook sessions. This way, you can be sure that your lookbook will be professional and consistent with your brand image. What’s more, we offer ordering flexibility, even from one piece, which is ideal for brands launching small, capsule collections. Our predictable rates allow for better budgeting, which is key for our clients.