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Online product session – the future of photography?

You can direct the online photo session from anywhere.
Online photo session

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Surely many of us, when thinking about an online photo shoot, have the lockdown era in mind, when the Internet was flooded with photo projects based on images taken during video chat. Some photographers created shots by taking screenshots, while others photographed phones and laptops in arranged settings. At the time, these were intriguing projects, but it would have been difficult to imagine photography functioning in this way in the long run.

Online photo shoots – how does it work?

Video meetings, however, have undoubted advantages that can be used in professional photography. Among them is the ability to contact the customer being anywhere. This allows product photography consultations to be carried out on an ongoing basis. Interesting, isn’t it?

In the marshal such a solution is standard, if you select this option. Before proceeding with the order, we send you a message with the date of the session and a direct link for further shots from the session to appear, created based on the guidelines provided in the order. Through the internal communicator, you can provide comments and suggestions directly to your product photographer.

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Advantages of online photo shoot

The use of such a solution is primarily a time-saver, both for the client and the photographer.

With an online consultation, you will avoid time-consuming trips to the studio, as well as the need to submit corrections to the photos you have taken and the wait time for corrections to be made. You don’t have to write extensive emails, any comments are communicated on the fly! Such a shortening of the process of taking pictures means that you will receive ready photographs of the product much faster.

Online photo shoots are also a great way for a product photographer to work. He consults the created live shots with the client, so that, in case of the need to make corrections, he avoids re-arranging the scenery or setting up lighting, which is sometimes time-consuming. Reducing the time spent working on a single order will enable you to take on more of them or allocate the gained time to your own development.

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Online photo shoot – product photos as you need them

This way of creating product photos is a great solution, especially for clients who like to have everything under control and do not have the opportunity to supervise the session in person. It is also a method for those who like to try in search of the perfect frame. Whether the concept in the brief is extremely detailed or quite general, online product shoots are your assurance that packshots, organicshots or arranged photography will be done at the highest level, according to your vision. Our professional product photographer will be an excellent guide to the set, so that you will realize your vision one hundred percent, with no additional revisions. We guarantee that once you try it, you won’t go back to traditional solutions in photographing your products. Then how? Are we starting to work together?