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Product photography in Warsaw. How to find the best photographers

Where to find the best product photographers in Warsaw.
Where to find a product photographer

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As the capital of Poland and one of the largest business centers in the country, Warsaw is a key location for professional product photography. According to the survey, 67% of consumers consider photo quality to be a decisive factor in choosing a product. In this context, we will present some ways and places where you can find the best photographers in Warsaw, including our marszal.studio, which is always available and ready for your projects.

Google Maps and search engine

Google Maps and Google search are the first step for 80% of people looking for local services, including product photography. Entering the phrase “ packshots Warsaw ” in Google Maps will display a list of photography studios in the area, along with ratings and reviews.

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Referrals and references

According to statistics, 92% of consumers trust referrals from friends and family more than any other form of advertising. A good referral is therefore not only the most reliable, but also the most effective source of information. So ask your friends

Facebook groups

Facebook groups such as“Product Photography Warsaw” are visited by an average of 20% of entrepreneurs looking for photography services. This is the place where you can find recommendations, reviews and portfolios of various people.

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At marszalstudio, we offer services in product photography, advertising photography, packshots, lifestyle sessions or sessions with models.


Warsaw offers many options for those interested in professional product photography. From Google tools to traditional referrals and testimonials to social Facebook groups, the possibilities are almost endless. Our studio, marszal.studio, is always ready to help you in this process.