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Product photography on Amazon. What do you need to know?

Effective product photography on Amazon can increase your chances of success. Discover key requirements and practices.
Fotografia produktowa na amazon

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Amazon debuted in Poland in March 2021, opening the door to the global market for Polish entrepreneurs. The platform recorded more than 3.4 billion visits in 2020 and generates billions of dollars in revenue annually. A key element for success on Amazon is product photography. In this article, we will discuss what the requirements, standards and best practices are for product photography on Amazon, based on concrete data and numbers.

Capabilities and figures

Amazon gives entrepreneurs access to a global customer base. According to the study, 67% of foreign consumers begin the shopping process by searching for products on Amazon. What’s more, products with professional photos have a 33% higher conversion rate. This means that investing in good quality product photography can significantly impact your revenue.


Amazon has very specific guidelines for product photography. Each product must have at least one main photo on a white background. The recommended number of photos is six, but you can add more if they are valuable. Only registered brands can add videos. If you are not a registered brand, it is recommended to add a high-quality lifestyle photo or infographic.

Perceptions and aesthetics

Amazon focuses on simplicity and clarity. Photos must be well-sharpened and well-lit. No items that can mislead the customer are accepted. The aesthetics of photos on Amazon are oriented toward functionality and accuracy, not artistic expression. Research shows that 90% of users consider photo quality to be the most important factor in their purchasing decision.

What kind of photos to prepare?

  1. Main photo: Product on a white background with no distractions. This photo is the most important and most clicked on by users.
  2. Photos from different angles: Show the product from different perspectives. Photos from different angles increase conversions by 27%.
  3. Picture the details: Focus on the unique features and functions of the product. Detail photos can increase conversions by 10%.
  4. Lifestyle photo: Show how the product is used in real-life conditions. Lifestyle photos increase engagement by 60%.
  5. Infographics: You can use infographics to highlight key product features. Infographics increase product understanding by 20%.
  6. 360 degree video: If possible, add a 360 video so customers can see the product from all sides. 360-degree videos increase conversions by 40%.


Product photography on Amazon is an element that can significantly affect the success of your product. By following Amazon’s guidelines and standards, you have the chance to increase conversions and improve the shopping experience for your customers. In the digital age, where competition is fierce, such details can determine success or failure in the market.