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Smartphone or professional camera

Which device is better for product photography?
Product photography phone

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Nowadays, where product photography has become an integral part of marketing, many people wonder what is the best tool for creating striking product photos. Can a smartphone replace a professional camera? Is it worth investing in expensive equipment? In this article, we will try to answer these questions by looking at the differences between a smartphone and a professional camera in the context of product photography.

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Photography in e-commerce

Product photography is not just ordinary photos. It is a tool that helps sales, builds brand image and attracts customer attention. That’s why it’s so important that product photos are of the highest quality. For this purpose, many companies opt for professional packshots, which are indispensable on platforms such as Allegro or online stores.

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Who is the smartphone for?

If you need quick product photos, for example, for social media, a smartphone may be sufficient. It’s also good for start-up entrepreneurs who are just getting started in product photography and don’t want to invest in expensive equipment right away.

Who is a professional camera for?

If you want the highest quality, are planning a product shoot with different types of products, such as jewelry, or need advertising photos, a professional camera will be the best choice. It is also an option for those who need images for an online store, where quality and detail are key.

Smartphone: advantages and disadvantages


  • Accessibility: Smartphones are always at hand, making it easy for a spontaneous product shoot.
  • Applications: Access to various photo editing applications.
  • Price: Much cheaper than a professional camera.


  • Quality: Despite advances, the phone still can’t match the camera in terms of the plasticity of its photos.
  • Limitations: Lack of different lenses and settings.

Professional camera: Advantages and disadvantages


  • Quality: Photos are much more detailed, sharp and plastic.
  • Features: More options and settings, giving you more control over your photo.
  • Professionalism: Ideal for commercial and advertising photography.


  • Price: Much more expensive, especially with additional equipment.
  • Complexity: Requires a dose of knowledge and skill.
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The choice between a smartphone and a professional camera depends on many factors: from the type of product, to budget, to individual needs and skills. Whatever you choose, remember that good product photography is an investment that pays off. It is crucial, therefore, that product photos are taken professionally and with attention to detail.