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The importance of a white background in product photography

One of the most popular and effective ways to present products is to use a white background.
White background images in ecommerce

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In the world of e-commerce, the first impression is often the only impression. For this reason, the quality of product photos is fundamental. In this article, we will discuss why a white background is so important and why it dominates ecommerce photography.

Why a white background?

1 Neutrality

The white background is neutral, meaning that it does not introduce additional elements that can distract from the product. This way, the customer focuses only on what is most important – the product.

2. professionalism

A white background is often associated with professionalism. It looks neat and elegant, which adds value to the product on display.

3. multi-platform compatibility

Most e-commerce platforms and marketplaces prefer images on a white background. This is an industry standard that makes it easy to integrate with various sites.

4. ease of editing

The white background is easy to edit. You can easily remove the background or add various elements, such as shadows or reflections, without complications.

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How to achieve the perfect white background?

1. lighting

Experiment – use soft, diffused light to avoid harsh shadows and glare. Use harsh light to illuminate the background, bring out the shine and create harsh shadows.

2. post-production

Use graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop to carefully isolate the product from the background and make it perfectly white. Use the Select / Subject function, which will isolate the product from the background

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3. artificial intelligence

You can use AI solutions that automatically remove the background from a photo. Works great with simple shots

Advantages and disadvantages

On the plus side

  • Product focus
  • Ease of editing
  • Compatibility with e-commerce platforms

On the downside

  • Can be monotonous

Practical tips

  1. Use a variety of angles: Even if you are using a white background, a variety of photographic angles will help present the product in its full spectrum. Add dynamic frames with non-obvious angles.
  2. Experiment with lighting: Different types of lighting can affect how a product looks against a white background. Sharp light is currently becoming more popular, however, getting the product isolated from the background will then be more difficult.
  3. Apply retouching techniques: Final fine-tuning of photos in graphics programs is important to achieve the perfect white background.


White background images in e-commerce are not only an industry standard, but also a powerful tool that can affect the success of your online store. Thanks to its neutrality, professionalism and ease of editing, the white background is an ideal choice for virtually any brand.