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The role of models in product photography

Learn the key to authenticity and engagement in ecommerce
The role of the model in product photography

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Product photography in the fashion industry is not only about aesthetics, but also about marketing strategy. One of the elements that can significantly affect the perception of fashion product photography is the use of a model or a model. In this article, we will explore why models are so important in product photography in a fashion context and how their presence affects sales on large e-commerce platforms such as Zalando, Asos, Amazon or in the Polish market on Allegro.

Why are people important in apparel product photography?

Authenticity and commitment

In the fashion industry, a model with a model adds authenticity to product photos. Customers want to see how a garment or accessory will look on them, and a model or model helps by presenting the products in a way that is close to reality.

Aesthetics and brand image

In fashion, aesthetics is everything. The models not only showcase the product, but also reflect the brand image. For example, if a brand sells streetwear, a model or model with a youthful and modern look can significantly increase the aesthetic value of product photos.

rola modela w zdjeciach produktow 30, The role of models in product photography

Importance of models in big players

Zalando and Asos

Large e-commerce platforms such as Zalando and Asos often use both packshots and photos with models. Packshots are great for showing the overall image and details of a product, but it’s the photos with models that help customers see how a product looks in the context of styling and how it can be worn.


Sellers on Amazon, which is part of one of the largest e-commerce players, also benefit from this strategy. Photos with models are often placed alongside traditional product photos, giving potential customers a full picture of the product.


In the Polish market, the Allegro service is also following this path. Using a male or female model in product photography is especially important on this platform, where competition is high and every detail can influence a purchase decision.

How to choose a model or modelettes

Understanding your target audience

Understand who you are targeting before you choose a model or models. If your brand is aimed at young people, a model or model in the same age range will be most appropriate.

Diversity and inclusiveness

Nowadays, customers expect diversity and inclusiveness. When choosing a male or female model, keep racial, age and gender diversity in mind.

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Professionalism and experience

A model or model with experience is usually more comfortable in front of the lens, which translates into better product shots. If you don’t have a big budget, consider working with beginner models who can also take good photos.


rola modela w zdjeciach produktow 32, The role of models in product photography

In the fashion industry, the role of the model or model in product photography cannot be overestimated. They add authenticity, context and depth to the images, which translates into greater customer engagement and ultimately sales. Choosing the right model or models is crucial and should be done with various factors in mind, such as target audience, diversity and professionalism. Whether you are a professional product photographer or a beginner in the field, remember that good product photography is an investment that pays off.