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Our photos at work

Our photos are not only ordinary packshots but, above all, photos that effectively improve the brand image. Starting from an online store, to posts on facebook, instagram, billboards, advertising stands or catalogs of large brands. See how our clients they use photos prepared in the marszalstudio.

and websites


On many websites you can see our photos! Many of our clients use them on a daily basis to show their products in online stores. The packshots we make are prepared for introduction to an online store or website.

Proper photo preparation, spotless quality and detailed retouching is what everyone needs in their online store.

using packshots on websites
using packshots on websites
packshots on social media

social media

Instagram and Facebook

Our clients successfully use photos from marszalstudio to promote their brands in social media! Different brands boast of our photos on your instagram and facebookach 🙂 On many profiles you will find our packshots, which reach the innumerable number of users of brands! Is not this the perfect way to promote your products? Of course it is!

packshots on social media

Catalogs, rollups for book covers

Printed materials

If you run a brand with a profile that requires printed materials, our photos will work perfectly! Not only will they be perfectly presented in the catalog, but your brand's customers will notice that you care about the quality of not only your products but also a coherent image!

If you need composition, photos packshot contact us! We work with starting as well as with global brands. Your catalogs also deserve beautiful pictures!