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for your brand

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Packshot Studio Warsaw


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8 photography enthusiasts

Good team. Studio open 5 days a week. Coffee to go. Visit us whenever you want! ☕️

No limits!

Can not you visit us? Detriment! Fortunately, there are couriers. We will order collection of your products. 🚀

Realization in a few hours

The shortest deadlines, and even faster on the same day!

100 refund of% of costs

We are sure of the level of photos we provide to our clients.

1 packshots in Poland!

Product photography

We make packshots, stylized photos, compositions, as well as photos on models and lookbooks.

The highest level

Photo retouching

We provide comprehensive retouching of product, advertising and lookbook images.

quick offer
for product photos

Together, we will prepare an offer tailored to the needs of your brand.


They talk about us

Paulina Schaedel
I can not imagine cooperation with another team. Secretly, on time 🙂

- Paulina Schaedel

Paulina Schaedel

Piotr Kierzkowski
The highest quality that I have sought for a long time in others. Always everything on time. To keep going that way!

- Piotr Kierzkowski


Ewa Dziedzic
I would recommend! Full professionalism, punctuality, good contact and beautiful photos 🙂

- Ewa Dziedzic

Lilly Pet Shop

but not only!


  • ul. Kierbedzia 4 lok. 215, 00-728 Warsaw

  • +48 786 966 333 - Mateusz, photography

  • +48 515 621 264 - Philip, retouch

  • Mon-Fri in 8 hours: 00 - 16: 00 24 / 7 - delivery and collection of productsThe products can be delivered to us at any time. Outside the office hours, you can also leave them at the reception at any time!

    You can also pick up the products, confirm the pickup by phone.


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